Saturday, July 19, 2014


Feeling like a failure. Half a run today, 25 mins, instead of my 50-minute goal. I just couldn't force myself to keep running. And tonight my thought was to make up for it by working out; didn't do that either. Yesterday my damn pedometer cheated me out of 15 mins of my run! What the hell is that about?

I did run for 25 minutes, and started my day with a full ab workout, which is getting almost doable now. So progress hasn't stopped; just stalled.


Sat. July 19: 4872 (3387), 25 mins. 2.3 miles.

Fri. July 18: 10575 (6479), 53 mins. 5.0 miles.

Thurs. July 17: 7738 (5716), 44 mins. 3.6 miles.

Wed. July 16: 8849 (4060), 33 mins. 4.1 miles.

Tue. July 15: 8219 (6148), 46 mins. 3.8 miles.

Mon. July 14: 7403 (3914), 32 mins. 3.5 miles.

Sun. July 13: 8370 (6316), 47 mins. 3.9 miles.

Sat. July 12: 10655 (7847), 60 mins. 5.0 miles.

So twice this week I couldn't run my whole run, but twice this week I've done 5 miles, and over 10k steps. And for most of yesterday and today's run I was at 2.9 mph. Had to turn it down to 2.7 at the end (last 5 mins, maybe) -- but that's my top speed a couple of weeks ago.

And I've done an ab workout daily for at least two weeks. I can't see any difference yet, but sometimes I can FEEL a diff.

And I did type in lots of fermented food recipes. Whatever......

Monday, July 14, 2014


Weeeeee! Worked out for the first time in a couple of years. But WHY does it have to be sooo haaaaard?

Yes, whining about it. Still, I did it (upper body, 1, 2 & 3 pound weights, "dragon lady" except for the abs. I could not do more abs). It took me about 4 times longer than it "should" have, but I forced myself to start.

My plan is to work out the nights I don't go to Dad's, but that means the whole workout. I'm just not there yet. More as time goes on about that! Days I worked out, I will star. I'm still doing 200 crunches every morning, so I'm not doing *nothing* on those abs!


This was a tough week, as I got a new laptop (new to me....) and have spent lots of time in setup. Still, ran some every day. Except last Monday, I guess? Oh, but I did clean the house. Oh, well. Not a solid week, but still progress. AND no blisters!

And I hit 45 mins, at 2.8 mph. Still a challenge, especially in this muggy heat we're having. That's life!

* Sunday July 13: 8370 (6316), 47 mins. 3.9 miles.

Saturday July 12: 10665 (7847), 60 mins. 5.0 miles.

Friday July 11: 8326 (6213), 47 mins. 3.9 miles.

Thursday July 10: 3675 (1803), 14 mins. 1.7 miles.

Wed. July 9: 7825 (5965), 45 mins. 3.7 miles.

Tues. July 8: 5798 (2807), 22 mins. 2.7 miles.

Mon. July 7: 1453 (37), 0 mins. 0.6 miles.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thoughts about lifting, and health in general

Browsing Joyce Vedral's book Definition I notice again that she advises either one whole-body session three days a week, or six days alternating workouts. The only exception is abs, which she says can be done all six days. But never seven.

I don't think this is for religious reasons, but practical. In general, when I was using the book before, I did skip about one workout per week, just because life is full. And I notice that each week, in general there is one low day. Perhaps instead of freaking out about it, I should just give myself a pass occasionally. Bob never does, but that's him. He has a definite big goal in mind, while I'm trying to build life-long habits.

I really do want to run and lift the rest of my life, and stay active and healthy as long as I can. Seeing my dad and the rest of the residents in his nursing home keep me going now. When he's gone, I hope I can keep it up. Even though he seems content, I know he isn't happy. I want to live a happy life, for the most part. And happiness for me involves health and strength, along with love and friendship and all those other good things.

Of course I'd like to be normal weight again. However, I'm willing to continue to run, and lift, even if I never get down to 125 pounds again. Health, strength and fun are good enough. This is why I'm trying to add in time and speed slowly, so I don't get hurt. The same with lifting; I'll start with the 3 lowest weights again, and work up as she advises.

My worry is the traveling. I was working out before going to Estonia, and never got going again after returning home. I'm hoping that the running and lifting this time will have me in better shape, so I can hop back on the schedule. But it is two trips within a month of one another. Worrying doesn't help, but I still feel apprehensive. Perhaps admitting it in public will help me stay on track this time. Jet-lag sucks!

The answer: 42. Question: How many minute of running?

Of course, 42 minute made me think about Life, the Universe, and Everything. After one sick day, and one partially-recovered day, it was nice to run again, still at 2.7 mph.

July 9: 7825 (5965), 45 mins. 3.7 miles.

July 8: 5798 (2807), 22 mins. 2.7 miles.

July 7: 1453 (37), 0 mins. 0.6 miles.

July 6: 10076 (7938), 61 mins. 4.7 miles.

July 5: 8123 (5554), 41 mins. 3.8 miles.

July 4: 10027 (7563), 57 mins. 4.7 miles.

July 3: 7339 (4089), 32 mins. 3.4 miles.

So, some really good days, one almost-nothing day, and one down day. I'm hoping to add in lifting weights on my nights home, but couldn't force myself to do it tonight.

Still, I gotta give myself credit. My down day was as good as I was getting ever, a couple of months ago. I ran an hour one day! and I walked and ran 23.6 miles. Two days over 10,000 steps. So, solid progress.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Back from vacation! Still running

I worried that I wouldn't keep my momentum going, but so far, so good. Sometimes a rest, a pause, is what powers us. Today was the first day back running a whole session on the treadmill, 39 mins. at 2.6 mph. That felt a bit slow! And up to 110 crunches every morning.

So perhaps 40 mins tomorrow, at 2.7 mph. Sneaking up on an hour at 3 mph. From there, who knows?

Friday, July 4: 10,027 (7563), 57 mins. 4.7 miles.

Thurs. July 3: 7339 (4089), 32 mins. 3.4 miles. Sneaked in some walking and running between driving all day -- Chelan to home, via the North Cascades Highway, then down to my dad's and back.

Wed. July 2: 6684 (2897), 25 mins. 3.1 miles. On the bus and boat most of the day.

Tue. July 1: 4894 (2665), 24 mins. 2.3 miles. I wanted to walk more, but had a nap instead.

Mon. June 30: 8833 (3948), 36 mins. 4.1 miles. Much of the day on the boat and bus.

Sun. June 29: 2978 (515), 4 mins. 1.4 miles. Driving all afternoon, home to Chelan.

Sat. June 28: 10,266 (7067), 55 mins. 4.8 miles.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Onward, upward

Couldn't make my 34 minute goal today; feet hurt too much. But that was after cleaning the house. And I ended up with a respectable 9287 total anyway! So, I'll do the 34 mins tomorrow. Also, up to 70 crunches this morning. My little post-it note reminder on my phone is working!

June 23: 9287 (5474), 43 mins. 4.3 miles.

June 22: 6427 (4694), 36 mins. 3.0 miles.

June 21: 9290 (7181), 54 mins. 4.3 miles.

June 20: 6230 (4727), 36 mins. 2.9 miles.

June 19: 8168 (6060), 46 mins. 3.8 miles.

So basically 3 or more miles every day for the past 7 days. Lowest number of steps is 6230, which for so long was my high for the week. And I've cracked 9000 steps, and my feet are OK. Also, I'm inching towards 4 mile days on average.

Ultimately I want 10k "moderate" steps per day -- running for an hour. A few days ago I went up to 2.5 mph on the treadmill. Not sure how much faster I can bump that and remain injury-free. My best day this week I had 7181 moderate steps, so I know this goal is achievable. It would be great to be able to do it all at once though! That will take awhile.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weeeee, bumped up to 2.4 mph, for 27 minutes + update

Gah, I see that during the #comcastfail this blog didn't publish. So I'll just add to the top.

First, new shoes! #asicshoes are working out well. Kudos to Road Runner Sports for such good service. They analyzed my feet, my gait, made a custom insole (which I purchased; arch support is great!) and chose three great shoes for me to try on. Too bad the snazzy red ones didn't fit perfectly, but the less-snazzy Asics are good. 

Next: first time running a whole half-hour! WOOOOOO! And I still feel great.

Finally, up to 60 crunches today. I hope I can remember to make this a habit on waking, because it is a great way to start the day.

Also it looks like I'm down to 227 pounds.

June 19: 8094 (6060), 46 mins. 3.8 miles.

June 18: 8399 (5392), 42 mins. 3.9 miles.

June 17: 8419 (5869), 44 mins. 3.9 miles

Yesterday I shorted myself a bit because there wasn't time before dinner to finish my run. And yet it was a good day anyway, and today was super-busy, and good as well!

Also yesterday began with 50 crunches, which I forgot to do today. Gonna try to add that to my routine, and get that up to 100 again.

June 16: 7332 (3719), 29 mins. 3.4 miles. First day at 2.4 mph.

June 15: 7249 (5198), 40 mins. 3.4 miles. Brewfest day.

June 14: 6751 (3248), 29 mins. 3.1 miles.

June 13: 8114 (6061), 48 mins. 3.8 miles.