Monday, May 21, 2012


Wow, I've been neglecting this blog, and even record-keeping. It isn't fun to keep track of step-count, but I have been continuing to walk as much as I can. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to push to 10k steps on average. In fact, my average is maybe 4k, and it isn't going up. (But that is about 3500 more steps than I used to have. And I've lost about 7 pounds.)

Perhaps it's because I'm spending more time cleaning house -- not sure. In any case, I'm not willing to back off on 'the great cleanup' no matter what, so until I'm done -- sometime this summer or fall, probably -- tough. I love making progress on the cleanup, so that comes first. (Once the house is clean, it will be easier to keep up. Also, vacuuming is good exercise. And banishing dust makes us healthier, and feel better.)

On the other hand, as my dad continues to decline, it's important to continue to make progress physically as well as getting the house de-cluttered. So I've started working a program from the book Definition: Shape Without Bulk in 15 Minutes a Day! by Joyce L. Vedral, Ph.D. I don't have the dumbbells I need yet, but I started the workouts without weights yesterday, so I can learn the movements. And I'm already sore! Especially my abs, yay! I expect to be even more sore tomorrow. It sucks, in a way, and makes me not want to walk tonight, but on the other hand, being sore means progress. I'm tired of not seeing any, and I'm willing to be sore for a couple of weeks to see real progress. Also, I'm using the treadmill with a yoga mat instead of a weight bench. Hope it still works once I get the weights! Can't wait to try.

I'm headed to Estonia in about 6 weeks, and I want to be able to walk the first 3 days, and more energy the whole time. Looking better in my clothes would be a nice bonus. I intend to keep up with the weights AND the walking until I'm 100. :-)

For tonight, I hope I've talked myself into another couple of hours of walking.
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