Saturday, July 19, 2014


Feeling like a failure. Half a run today, 25 mins, instead of my 50-minute goal. I just couldn't force myself to keep running. And tonight my thought was to make up for it by working out; didn't do that either. Yesterday my damn pedometer cheated me out of 15 mins of my run! What the hell is that about?

I did run for 25 minutes, and started my day with a full ab workout, which is getting almost doable now. So progress hasn't stopped; just stalled.


Sat. July 19: 4872 (3387), 25 mins. 2.3 miles.

Fri. July 18: 10575 (6479), 53 mins. 5.0 miles.

Thurs. July 17: 7738 (5716), 44 mins. 3.6 miles.

Wed. July 16: 8849 (4060), 33 mins. 4.1 miles.

Tue. July 15: 8219 (6148), 46 mins. 3.8 miles.

Mon. July 14: 7403 (3914), 32 mins. 3.5 miles.

Sun. July 13: 8370 (6316), 47 mins. 3.9 miles.

Sat. July 12: 10655 (7847), 60 mins. 5.0 miles.

So twice this week I couldn't run my whole run, but twice this week I've done 5 miles, and over 10k steps. And for most of yesterday and today's run I was at 2.9 mph. Had to turn it down to 2.7 at the end (last 5 mins, maybe) -- but that's my top speed a couple of weeks ago.

And I've done an ab workout daily for at least two weeks. I can't see any difference yet, but sometimes I can FEEL a diff.

And I did type in lots of fermented food recipes. Whatever......
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