Thursday, August 28, 2014

A bit of a rest?

No reports for awhile. First I put my shorts in the wash with my step-meter in the pocket! Saved it by taking it apart and letting it dry, but now the time is wonky.

Then I was traveling, which meant a day or so of hardly any steps, then loads (13000 the day we spent walking around Geneva), then not many on the train, and so forth. Saving grace: Haus Randa has lots of stairs, and our room was at the top! So every meal, and every cup of coffee, and every beer -- five flights down, five flights up! I never did get to run all the way to the top without stopping to catch my breath. In fact, I couldn't even walk up without catching my breath. Still, it was some exercise. (4-6000 steps per day).

Little to no jetlag, so I did do some running, but not so much. Now the battery is running low, and I leave in a few days for Vienna, so it's time to report before it resets again:

Thurs. 28 Aug: 2407 (1415), 11 mins. 1.1 miles.

Wed. 27 Aug: 3368 (1711), 14 mins. 1.5 miles.

Tue. 26 Aug: 6798 (4370), 35 mins. 3.1 miles.

Mon 25 Aug: 3363 (1293), 10 mins. 1.5 miles.

Sun 24 Aug: 5776 (3596), 28 mins. 2.6 miles.

Sat. 23 Aug: 5584 (3950), 31 mins. 2.5 miles.

Fri 22 Aug: 5940 (4352), 34 mins. 2.7 miles.

Thur. 21 Aug: 5224 (3445), 27 mins. 2.3 miles.
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