Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First week in review - 53,280 steps, 24.7 miles

I'll include the first "baseline" day with zero aerobic steps.

Total steps for the first week: 53,280

Aerobic steps: 43,785

Total mileage: 24.71

A considerable improvement over the baseline, which was less than 1000 steps per day, and about one-third of a mile daily!

Weight is unchanged.

Goal for the next 5 weeks, is ten thousand aerobic steps per day, seven days a week - 70,000 total. I figure that will take 5 miles per day, or 35 miles for the week. I hope to get the time to do that daily down to 75 minutes, which is 4 miles per hour. I haven't been keeping track of the time, but I think it's taking about an hour and a half per day now, for less than 10K aerobic steps. As my bod adjusts to the new routine, I hope this becomes easier.
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