Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New gadget; new beginning

Today I got my shiny new Omron Pocket Pedometer, model HJ-112, about $19.95 from It has all kinds of features, and Bob likes his, so off we go! I sincerely hope.

So this will be where I keep track of my progress. My goal is 10K steps per day, at least five times a week. So a minimum of 50K steps per week. If I can get to that in a week, I'll be ecstatic. Anything over that is pure bonus.

Today I set up the little bugger, measured my stride, etc.

Today, 12 Feb 2008, I weigh 229, according to Bob's new scale.

My stride is 26 inches, or 2 feet, 2 inches. Yeah, I have short legs.

Doing nothing out of the ordinary today, I have 807 steps. You can see why I need to do something different!

My secret wish is to either join a gym eventually, or get the big machine I want - a Bowflex. Bowflex would be better, but that sucker is huge. I'll have to do a lot of cleaning and organizing to make a place for one! New, they are $2500 or so! I would like to USE one, and see if I really like them as much as I think I would. Anyway, enough for today.
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