Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Second week: 82,108 / 72,160; 33.65 miles

This was a nice week to walk - weather was beautiful. However, it wasn't fun to walk tired every day. I hope that my energy picks up next week. I can't see how I can get any faster if I'm so tired.

Total steps this week: 82,108.
Total aerobic steps: 72,160.
Total mileage: 33.65.

Improvement over last week's totals:

82,108 - 53,280 = 28,828 more total steps.

72,160 - 43,785 = 28,375 more aerobic steps.

33.65 - 24.71 = 8.94 more miles.

I hit my goal of an average of 10K aerobic steps per day. This week I'm going to pay better attention to the time issue. It would be great to get to 5 miles per hour, instead of the approximately 4 miles per hour I'm doing now. And I don't want any more sub-10K days, unless I'm actually sick. This tired stuff has gotta go!
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