Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday: 12,777 / 10,915; 5.2 miles

Gosh, how long can this beautiful weather hold? Walked to the school again, and 8 times around the track. I didn't think I would quite hit 10,000 aerobic steps, so walked down third street, across on the little trail, and back the hill up our street. Nice!

I've paged through a book that Pig recommended, called Real Fitness for Real Women: A Unique Workout Program for the Plus-Size Woman, by Rochelle Rice. Her first step to fitness is crafting and using affirmations, as the way to develop your will, determination, courage to follow through. As I walked, I crafted my affirmation today, and noticed that as I said it to myself, my stride changed. I walked taller, more confidently, more powerfully. I want that all the time!

I am a powerful, healthy, beautiful woman. Remember.

Total steps: 12,777, 10,915 aerobic steps in 95 minutes; 5.24 miles.
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