Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday - 8029 steps, 5839 aerobic, 3.3 miles

It was a beautiful sunny day, and though I wanted to give my poor feet a rest, I just couldn't miss my walk! Walked to the school and four times around the track, and then home via the path. The option was there to walk out to the road on the path through the old clear-cut, but I was too tired.

8029 total steps, 5839 aerobic, 3.29 miles. Not bad for a rest day! Unfortunately, when I took the moleskin off my little-toe blister after my shower, the skin came with it. So now instead of a blister I could hardly feel, I have raw skin. :(

The blisters above my heels are much better, though. No pain left there. Stretched for about 30 minutes after getting back. That helped my back a LOT.
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