Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday: 5068 aerobic steps; 2.4 miles

Surprisingly, I have over 700 steps before my walk, maybe because I walked during my diabetes study phone interview. The Roomba was vacuuming, the dogs were barking -- walking seemed the only way to get through it. :-)

Walked to the church and out the church driveway, and back home along the road, which is about 2 miles in approx. 40 mins, almost 5100 steps. It is about 45F, partly sunny. I didn't wear gloves, and my hands are still warm. Butt and thighs are tired, yay! Maybe I'll even do some situps later -- my back is a bit sore today.

It is about 6 weeks until we leave for Scotland; I'm hoping this will make the trip a lot more fun!

End of day - 3.07 miles, 7492 total steps, 5068 aerobic.
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