Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday: 10,711 / 9600; 4.4 miles

Blast! I chose the best bit of the day to walk to the library, although it was late because of Alsachat. After the library, I walked around the cemetery two and a half times, to get that extra bit of slight hill. Then home via the trail, BUT: a young dog started following me in BD, all the way home! I walked pretty slowly so that she wouldn't get hit -- it was very worrying. Then when I got to the neighborhood with her, some kids wanted her! I hope that works out. I truly didn't know what to do -- she was a sweetheart. But I was a bit short of aerobic steps, because I wasn't paying good attention. Gosh it was cold and windy though. A short shower felt *wonderful*.

Total steps: 10,711, aerobic: 9600 in 84 minutes; 4.39 miles
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