Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday: 11,096 / 9947; 4.5 miles

Tired and sad when I set off, so I didn't actually care that I came in under but oh so close to 10K, LOL! Almost made it, and that was good enough for today. I walked to the school through the woods, and then on the road up to the beginning of the Ridge road. I think next time I walk the ridge, I'll walk from the school over the ridge and back. That should get me just over 10K steps, AND get all that nice hill walking. It's harder, but better, I think. Feet are somewhat better today, but everything is still sore, every day. So I've gotta be doing some muscle-building. :-)

Total steps: 11,096, aerobic 9947 in 90 minutes; 4.55 miles.
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