Saturday, March 1, 2008

Friday -- off day: 3737 / 0; 1.5 miles

Yesterday started well, with a workshop Barb & I were invited to, to help Odyssey High School (in Tyee High School, next to the airport in SeaTac) become a safe place for GLBT kids. We had only an hour, but that time was used very well by the teacher/facilitator. Then Barb and I had a wonderful long lunch at Claim Jumper. I stopped by Silver Platters and picked up a couple of CDs, then gave a pint of blood, and met Bob at Green Earth. We went up to Jocks and Jill's on Green Lake and both got new running shoes. I got Sauconys and they do feel great! By the time we ate dinner and got home though, it was dark, cold, windy and pouring rain, so no walk for me yesterday. :(

Total steps 3737, aerobic steps 0; 1.53 miles.
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