Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday: 12,401 / 10,998; 5.1 miles

Wooooo hoooo! I felt like an athlete out there today, at least until I hit the wall. I think I'll up my spirulina to a teaspoonful and a half, and see if I can keep that feeling going all the way! Fortunately my blood sugar didn't run out until I was down the final hill coming off the ridge. I forgot my water AND my emergency sugar (a roll of life-savers). Just about then the balls of my feet starting hurting too. :(

But it was GREAT until then! My stride seemed longer, and it just felt GOOD to be out there walking, even up the hills, which didn't seem very high today at all!

Total steps: 12,401, aerobic: 10,998 in 96 minutes; 5.08 miles
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