Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday: 11,688 / 10,301; 4.8 miles

Rather nice day, although the wind was cold. To the school via the church road (no path), then to the library, again via road, around the cemetery and back home again on the road. Oh, and I didn't note the time, but it was 88 or 89 minutes, and over 10K aerobic steps, so perhaps I am improving my speed slightly. Perhaps that's what it will take, like the weight loss -- slow and sure is the best.

Exciting news: I cracked 220! Barely, but the scale read "219.9" -- which is LESS than 220. Hopefully I can keep this going for the next three weeks -- I definitely will not be able to blog. I intend to write in a notebook, and will do a summary when I return.

I am taking my Callanetics book with me, so hopefully will get some exercise daily even if I can't do my daily 10K steps.

Total steps: 11,688, aerobic: 10,301; 4.79 miles
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