Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday: 12,697 / 10,479; 5.2 miles

Good LORD it was cold today -- in the 30s! AND it started snowing as I walked into BD.

So I went hunting for a down vest, and fortunately found one. That made a huge difference. Plus I cut the toes off a pair of socks with holes in them, and slid those over my ankles for extra warmth and to keep any gravel and sand out of my shoes. I decided that hiking boots were just too risky. I want my feet *totally healthy* on Tuesday!

Anyway, headed out on the road to the Post Office to mail Anne's pants back to her, then home via the trail. I actually walked a bit extra down the trail and came back on the church's road. Walking through a wind and snow storm was truly a TRIP! Thank goodness for my good jacket and that blessedly warm down vest.

Total steps: 12,697, aerobic: 10,479; 5.21 miles
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