Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday: 15,607 / 12,183; 6.4 miles

Lousy walk -- but boy oh boy did I get the steps! Finally got into stride after the second hill, turned around, and got a SORE foot. It was hard not to limp. Then when my left foot finally felt better, the right one started to hurt -- even more. Eventually I realized there might be a bit of sand in my shoe, at the ball of my right foot. By the time I found somewhere to sit, it felt PAINFUL. Took off the shoe and socks, and put on the thin blister bandage I was fortunately carrying. Put everything back on, and realized that it had turned COLD. Within five minutes of coming inside, it was pouring, and almost cold enough to snow. Lordy!

Once I recovered after dinner, I went to the Supermall and found a couple of shirts at Marshalls. LOVE that store! So I got even more steps! Not enough to make up for Easter, but oh well!

Total steps: 15,607, aerobic: 12,183; 6.4 miles
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