Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday: 12,796 / 11,126; 5.3 miles

Oops, forgot to do Friday! Walked to the library via the church and school, and also walked up to the new library and went around the cemetery. It's warming up!

In more exciting news - stepped on the scale today, and it read 216.9 pounds. So not only have I cracked 220, but I've lost about 12 pounds since mid-February. That is about 9 weeks, so I've been losing a bit over a pound a week. At this rate, by the end of July, I might crack 200! I've carry this weight for a long, long time. It is good to see and feel it leaving now.

Total steps: 12,796, aerobic: 11,126; 5.25 miles
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