Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday: 14,206 / 12,898; 5.8 miles

Walked too far today! The route to Keevies was nice -- birds were singing, etc. But I tried to take the old trail which used to go to the fire road, and now heads through the new development. I was confronted by a woman who told me I was trespassing, and was quite unpleasant about it.

So our public lands, and public access to trails, is shrinking even out here in the countryside! And sad to say, probably nothing will be done about it. Private property, after all, is the "highest and best use." :(

However, the old trail from the lake to third street still exists, and that got me to the church, school, and over the ridge. Should have turned back sooner, as my feet (and spirit) were a wreck by the time I got home. Moderation in all -- even moderation!

Total steps: 14,206, aerobic: 12,898; 5.82 miles
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