Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sunday through Wednesday

Geez, skipping both the walking AND the blogging -- where will it end?

No, I didn't walk on Sunday because not just my blister, but my whole foot hurt. And Monday, because I didn't feel well all day. I tried to eat well, drink herbal tea, take a nap, and so forth.

It was surprising how much that took me down Tues and and Wednesday. Difficult to pick up any speed, much more tired (AND uninspired) -- just no energy. But I walked anyway, even if not fully ten thousand aerobic steps. Both days I walked to the school via the church, then to the library and back. Oh, and the rain didn't help, either! All four days, yeah.

Sunday - Total steps: 1,596, aerobic:0 ; 0.65 miles.

Monday - Total steps:2,140 , aerobic: 0; 0.87 miles.

Tuesday - Total steps: 12,027, aerobic: 8,989; 4.93 miles.

Wednesday - Total steps: 10,479, aerobic: 9,136; 4.3 miles.
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