Friday, May 9, 2008

Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday

I'm getting worse and worse at doing the blogging! The walking is going well, though.

Wednesday I walked up over the ridge via the church and school. It was cold, but walking fast in a long-sleeved T-shirt and wearing my gloves for a bit, I was OK. Daddy showed up about the time I was going to leave in the early afternoon, so we sat and watched my photos, and then we had dinner, and I walked in the evening. I saw elk!

Total steps: 12,731, aerobic: 10,760, 5.22 miles.

Thursday was a walk to the library, via the new library and then home.

Total steps: 13,007, aerobic: 10,555, 5.33 miles.

Today, Friday was good until the last few thousand steps, when my left foot started hurting. That made the end of the walk mighty slow. :(

Total steps: 12,606, aerobic: 11,207 in 95 minutes, 5.17 miles.
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