Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ramping it up again

I haven't written here for a long time. After walking for quite awhile, I got bored and discouraged.

Now I hear of my sister running three miles a day, and Bob often walks over twenty!

I don't like getting left behind. Even though my right big toe joint swelled up this winter, and has been rather painful most days. I discovered though, that running is easier on the toe, and faster than walking (duh), and actually easier on my feet. I can feel muscles tightening everywhere, and today I ran for 15 minute on the treadmill without stopping, which is about a mile.

Then I ran perhaps another mile at Dad's place, although in two pieces since I often help get him into bed after he's brushed his teeth. So, over 7000 steps, 4800 of them "moderate" -- 38 mins of running. I want to increase that slowly, until I can run an hour.

Let's see if I can write here at least occasionally!
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