Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weeeee, bumped up to 2.4 mph, for 27 minutes + update

Gah, I see that during the #comcastfail this blog didn't publish. So I'll just add to the top.

First, new shoes! #asicshoes are working out well. Kudos to Road Runner Sports for such good service. They analyzed my feet, my gait, made a custom insole (which I purchased; arch support is great!) and chose three great shoes for me to try on. Too bad the snazzy red ones didn't fit perfectly, but the less-snazzy Asics are good. 

Next: first time running a whole half-hour! WOOOOOO! And I still feel great.

Finally, up to 60 crunches today. I hope I can remember to make this a habit on waking, because it is a great way to start the day.

Also it looks like I'm down to 227 pounds.

June 19: 8094 (6060), 46 mins. 3.8 miles.

June 18: 8399 (5392), 42 mins. 3.9 miles.

June 17: 8419 (5869), 44 mins. 3.9 miles

Yesterday I shorted myself a bit because there wasn't time before dinner to finish my run. And yet it was a good day anyway, and today was super-busy, and good as well!

Also yesterday began with 50 crunches, which I forgot to do today. Gonna try to add that to my routine, and get that up to 100 again.

June 16: 7332 (3719), 29 mins. 3.4 miles. First day at 2.4 mph.

June 15: 7249 (5198), 40 mins. 3.4 miles. Brewfest day.

June 14: 6751 (3248), 29 mins. 3.1 miles.

June 13: 8114 (6061), 48 mins. 3.8 miles.
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