Sunday, July 27, 2014

Giving myself a break

I don't wanna. I want to keep doing more, faster. But I stopped being able to do that. So rather than quitting, I decided to run some every day, a bit more slowly, and see how it goes. I thought adding a minute per day was doable, but it turns out that it was not, and I was hitting some sort of wall.

Not just the blood sugar wall, which I figured out. Put a cough drop under my tongue before running, and the BS doesn't start dropping at 30 minutes, or at least not as much. But something mental, maybe. Now I'm choosing to interpret some running as progress, or trying to. It seems less, because it is less. But it's not nothing.

Sat. July 26: 7233 (4651), 38 mins. 3.4 miles.

Fri. July 25: 3292 (1920), 14 mins. 1.5 miles.

Thur. July 24: 7396 (4733), 38 mins. 3.5 miles.

Wed. July 23: 3630 (2108), 16 mins. 1.7 miles.

Tue. July 22: 3421 (1655), 13 mins. 1.6 miles.

Mon. July 21: 2847 (286), 2 mins. 1.3 miles.

Sun. July 20: 8055 (5772), 45 mins. 3.8 miles.

My time with my daddy might be helping me in more than just motivating me to run. I see how his lack of language is causing his lack of thought, which leads to his content. I find that when I run and can see the birds at the feeder or just flitting about, my thoughts can quiet easily, and I can run without thinking about/ noticing time. Five minutes pass, and I'm just running. It's like meditation. I wish I could do it for an hour a day!

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