Monday, July 14, 2014


Weeeeee! Worked out for the first time in a couple of years. But WHY does it have to be sooo haaaaard?

Yes, whining about it. Still, I did it (upper body, 1, 2 & 3 pound weights, "dragon lady" except for the abs. I could not do more abs). It took me about 4 times longer than it "should" have, but I forced myself to start.

My plan is to work out the nights I don't go to Dad's, but that means the whole workout. I'm just not there yet. More as time goes on about that! Days I worked out, I will star. I'm still doing 200 crunches every morning, so I'm not doing *nothing* on those abs!


This was a tough week, as I got a new laptop (new to me....) and have spent lots of time in setup. Still, ran some every day. Except last Monday, I guess? Oh, but I did clean the house. Oh, well. Not a solid week, but still progress. AND no blisters!

And I hit 45 mins, at 2.8 mph. Still a challenge, especially in this muggy heat we're having. That's life!

* Sunday July 13: 8370 (6316), 47 mins. 3.9 miles.

Saturday July 12: 10665 (7847), 60 mins. 5.0 miles.

Friday July 11: 8326 (6213), 47 mins. 3.9 miles.

Thursday July 10: 3675 (1803), 14 mins. 1.7 miles.

Wed. July 9: 7825 (5965), 45 mins. 3.7 miles.

Tues. July 8: 5798 (2807), 22 mins. 2.7 miles.

Mon. July 7: 1453 (37), 0 mins. 0.6 miles.
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