Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Week Eleven: end 29 April & Wednesday: 12,925 / 11,236; 5.3 miles

This has felt like recovery week, although I didn't really have jet lag as such. I guess I expected my feet to toughen up, and stop getting blisters and such! Maybe that won't happen. And while I had energy during the trip, it has ebbed this week. I hope May is better.

On the other hand, I broke 220! Am hovering between 216 and 217 pounds. I'm eager to see what Dr. Jordan's scale tells me on Thursday.

Week 11 total steps: , aerobic: ; miles

Total steps week one: 53,280, two: 82,108, three: 76,687, four: 64,701, five: 70,464, six: 79,729.

Total aerobic steps week one: 43,785, two: 72,160, three: 63,527, four: 55,669, five: 58,600, six: 63,332.

Total mileage week one: 24.71, two: 33.65, three: 31.44, four: 26.52, five: 28.89, six: 32.27.

Wednesday (have to catch-up post here, or it will show up in May!)
Walked up over the ridge and back. It was cool to see the rain coming, and then blowing over. Rather windy today!

Total steps: 12,925, aerobic: 11,236; 5.3 miles

Week Ten: ending 22 April


Week Nine: ending 15 April


Week Eight: ending 8 April

get figs

Week Seven: ending April 1

get figures

Tuesday: 13,286 / 11,842; 5.5 miles

Rather nice day -- sunny, if breezy. And downright *windy* on top of the ridge. Walked to the fireplug at the bottom of the hill, and home. I've been eating an apple before leaving to see if that will help with the low blood sugar part-way home. So far, it hasn't, but one cough drop ain't much sugar, either! When I get home I'm not famished, though, so I think I'll keep eating the apple. :-)

Total steps: 13,286, aerobic: 11,842 (in 98 minutes, if I remember correctly); 5.45 miles

This is the end of week eleven. I'll try to get all my stuff added up tomorrow.

Monday: 12,326 / 9749; 5.05 miles

Bleah. I'm behind again. Hopefully I can catch up tomorrow. Feet were sore, and I was tired. Didn't care that I was a bit short on aerobic steps, because the rain/sun bit was getting annoying! Not that I'm complaining about sun, not at ALL.

Library, via church, school, and cemetery, then home by the road. I was slow because I kept picking up a rock in my heel.

Total steps: 12,326, aerobic: 9749; 5.05 miles

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday: 14,206 / 12,898; 5.8 miles

Walked too far today! The route to Keevies was nice -- birds were singing, etc. But I tried to take the old trail which used to go to the fire road, and now heads through the new development. I was confronted by a woman who told me I was trespassing, and was quite unpleasant about it.

So our public lands, and public access to trails, is shrinking even out here in the countryside! And sad to say, probably nothing will be done about it. Private property, after all, is the "highest and best use." :(

However, the old trail from the lake to third street still exists, and that got me to the church, school, and over the ridge. Should have turned back sooner, as my feet (and spirit) were a wreck by the time I got home. Moderation in all -- even moderation!

Total steps: 14,206, aerobic: 12,898; 5.82 miles

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday: 14,200 / 11,530; 5.8 miles

SUNSHINE! Finally! Didn't need my shirt at all, to tell the truth. Brought along sunglasses, but I love the sun on my face too much to wear them much.

Went up over the ridge via the church and school, then back on Lake Sawyer Road to the Y, and home.

Total steps: 14,200, aerobic: 11,530 in 97 minutes; 5.82 miles

Friday: 12,796 / 11,126; 5.3 miles

Oops, forgot to do Friday! Walked to the library via the church and school, and also walked up to the new library and went around the cemetery. It's warming up!

In more exciting news - stepped on the scale today, and it read 216.9 pounds. So not only have I cracked 220, but I've lost about 12 pounds since mid-February. That is about 9 weeks, so I've been losing a bit over a pound a week. At this rate, by the end of July, I might crack 200! I've carry this weight for a long, long time. It is good to see and feel it leaving now.

Total steps: 12,796, aerobic: 11,126; 5.25 miles

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday: 13,320 / 11,391; 5.5 miles

Up over the ridge and back, via the church and school. Gosh I was tired and my feet hurt, the last 2000+ steps. Maybe it's jetlag, or I dunno. But I am still waiting for all that abundant energy I'm supposed to get!!! Perhaps it was because it got colder during the walk. As I put more clothes on, I did feel better.

I've been forgetting to put on the step meter when I first get up, since I got back. Today I didn't remember until well after noon! Gotta get back into the swing of things.

Total steps: 13,320, aerobic: 11,391; 5.46 miles

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday: 12,509 / 10,557; 5.1 miles

Got away later than I had hoped, but walked faster to make up for the delay. :-)

Went down to the school via the church and road, rather than any paths. Up to the Y and into the library, then spiraled around the cemetery, and then straight home by road, rather than taking the path. Ran (well, drove) to the store as soon as I got home, so my stretching was a bit delayed, and it *does* make a difference!

Total steps: 12,509, aerobic: 10,557 in 83 minutes!; 5.13 miles

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday: 12,247 / 11,132; 4.9 miles

Monday I didn't walk because it got too late, and was snowing! Plus I was just tired. Total steps: 890, 0; 0.36 miles

Today I walked to the school where I took a picture of the beautiful flowering cherry, which was raining down petals in the breeze. So gorgeous! From there I walked up the road to the Y, and then to the library to return a couple of CDs. Picked up another CD and a DVD and continued on around the cemetery, and then home via the trail. I was short some steps so walked the little trail to the church driveway and came back next to the church. Improved my time some, but my feet hurt some and have some hot spots.

Total steps: 12,247, aerobic 11,132 in 94 minutes; 4.95 miles