Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First week

Summing up the first week -- sorry for the boring details! It's still difficult, but I'm making progress. Muscles still hurt, but different ones now, and maybe not so much -- except my back. That seems to be a constant. That's better than blisters though! Walking in socks or my Vibram 5-fingers.

Day one - I already wrote about - pedometer says 1959 steps, and maybe two miles total.

Day two - 2645 steps:, no aerobic steps:, mileage: 1.08

Day three - 5232 steps:, no aerobic steps:, mileage: 2.14

Day four - 3770 steps:, no aerobic steps:, mileage: 1.54

Day five - 6215 steps:, 3061 aerobic steps:, mileage: 2.55

Day six - 5350 steps:, 2130 aerobic steps:, mileage: 2.79

Day seven - 3062 steps:, no aerobic steps:, mileage: 1.25 (I was at the hospital with my dad most of the day, and came home exhausted.)

Oh, and weight: added two pounds! Doesn't seem right. 239.

The figures don't always make sense, and the trend isn't steadily upward, but I mean to keep with this no matter what. How long will it take to get to 20k steps daily, and forty to fifty miles per week? Say, 200 miles per month? By the end of next year, I hope to make this my "new normal."

I'm going to switch to dates rather "day #", and maybe make the next post take me to the new year, and do monthly posts then. We'll see.

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