Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday: 11,688 / 10,301; 4.8 miles

Rather nice day, although the wind was cold. To the school via the church road (no path), then to the library, again via road, around the cemetery and back home again on the road. Oh, and I didn't note the time, but it was 88 or 89 minutes, and over 10K aerobic steps, so perhaps I am improving my speed slightly. Perhaps that's what it will take, like the weight loss -- slow and sure is the best.

Exciting news: I cracked 220! Barely, but the scale read "219.9" -- which is LESS than 220. Hopefully I can keep this going for the next three weeks -- I definitely will not be able to blog. I intend to write in a notebook, and will do a summary when I return.

I am taking my Callanetics book with me, so hopefully will get some exercise daily even if I can't do my daily 10K steps.

Total steps: 11,688, aerobic: 10,301; 4.79 miles

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday: 11,030 / 9243; 4.5 miles

Well, this was an odd day. Took Kim to the grocery store, and walked around while she shopped for her party. That was 1400-odd steps. Later, Bob had dinner cooking, and assured me it would be a good hour before it was ready to serve (well worth waiting for, too!!!!!). So I walked up to the pond on the ridge, in COLD WIND. Gosh, I wish I had had a hat! Hurried back, and home in just about an hour.

Total steps: 11,030, aerobic: 9243 in 78 minutes; 4.52 miles

Friday: 12,564 / 10,834; 5.1 miles

Good lord -- snow, sleet, rain, wind, clouds, and sun? All on the same walk, yeah. Walked up to the school mostly via road, thence to the cemetery and around it once, to the library, and home via the path (a big mistake!). Again, thank goodness for the down vest and good jacket! A shower never felt sooooo good.

Total steps: 12,564, aerobic: 10,834; 5.15 miles

Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday: 12,697 / 10,479; 5.2 miles

Good LORD it was cold today -- in the 30s! AND it started snowing as I walked into BD.

So I went hunting for a down vest, and fortunately found one. That made a huge difference. Plus I cut the toes off a pair of socks with holes in them, and slid those over my ankles for extra warmth and to keep any gravel and sand out of my shoes. I decided that hiking boots were just too risky. I want my feet *totally healthy* on Tuesday!

Anyway, headed out on the road to the Post Office to mail Anne's pants back to her, then home via the trail. I actually walked a bit extra down the trail and came back on the church's road. Walking through a wind and snow storm was truly a TRIP! Thank goodness for my good jacket and that blessedly warm down vest.

Total steps: 12,697, aerobic: 10,479; 5.21 miles

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday: 12,033 / 10,610; 4.9 miles

Going by the school first is the key! It kept getting colder, so I decided to walk to the library from there by the road, because you can walk faster. It was hard to get warmed up, though, because it kept getting colder! It started to rain enough as I went through BD that I had to wear my jacket. After the library, around the cemetery and then back home via the path. It kept raining harder and harder, but my jacket does a GOOD job in the rain. About 10 minutes after getting home, the rain turned to snow! There is about 2 inches on the ground here. Brrrr!

Total steps: 12,033, aerobic: 10,610 in 92 minutes; 4.93 miles

Week Six: 79,729 / 63,332; 32.3 miles

One more week before departure to Scotland! Well over 10K average steps per day, but a bit sub-par in aerobic steps. On the other hand, that included Easter Sunday with zero. On the whole, COOL, under difficult conditions.

Week 6 total steps: 79,729, aerobic: 63,332; 32.27 miles

Total steps week one: 53,280, two: 82,108, three: 76,687, four: 64,701, five: 70,464, six: 79,729.

Total aerobic steps week one: 43,785, two: 72,160, three: 63,527, four: 55,669, five: 58,600, six: 63,332.

Total mileage week one: 24.71, two: 33.65, three: 31.44, four: 26.52, five: 28.89, six: 32.27.

Tuesday: 15,607 / 12,183; 6.4 miles

Lousy walk -- but boy oh boy did I get the steps! Finally got into stride after the second hill, turned around, and got a SORE foot. It was hard not to limp. Then when my left foot finally felt better, the right one started to hurt -- even more. Eventually I realized there might be a bit of sand in my shoe, at the ball of my right foot. By the time I found somewhere to sit, it felt PAINFUL. Took off the shoe and socks, and put on the thin blister bandage I was fortunately carrying. Put everything back on, and realized that it had turned COLD. Within five minutes of coming inside, it was pouring, and almost cold enough to snow. Lordy!

Once I recovered after dinner, I went to the Supermall and found a couple of shirts at Marshalls. LOVE that store! So I got even more steps! Not enough to make up for Easter, but oh well!

Total steps: 15,607, aerobic: 12,183; 6.4 miles

Monday: 11,367 / 8595; 4.7 miles

To the library via the path, around the cemetery and back, but only 8500 steps! I guess I needed to walk to the school and back too. :(

Went to Nordstroms to shop for new bras and such, so got a few more steps that way.

Total steps: 11,367, aerobic: 8595; 4.66 miles

I'll try to remember to do the school and back *first* -- then to the library.

Easter Sunday - no walk: 2150 / 0; 0.9 miles

It was a STORM. Nor did I feel like hitting the mall. Sat and watched the wind and rain!

Total steps: 2150, aerobic: 0; 0.88 miles

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday: 14,498 / 11,525; 5.9 miles

Good day! Although I started late, and sometimes, especially up top on the ridge it was COLD and windy. When it was still and in a patch of sunlight, though it was pleasant. The blister seems to be healing OK, and I realized today -- most of the time my feet don't hurt any more! Maybe soon they won't hurt at ALL. I can only hope. :-)

Total steps: 14,498, aerobic: 11,525; 5.94 miles

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday: 10,711 / 9600; 4.4 miles

Blast! I chose the best bit of the day to walk to the library, although it was late because of Alsachat. After the library, I walked around the cemetery two and a half times, to get that extra bit of slight hill. Then home via the trail, BUT: a young dog started following me in BD, all the way home! I walked pretty slowly so that she wouldn't get hit -- it was very worrying. Then when I got to the neighborhood with her, some kids wanted her! I hope that works out. I truly didn't know what to do -- she was a sweetheart. But I was a bit short of aerobic steps, because I wasn't paying good attention. Gosh it was cold and windy though. A short shower felt *wonderful*.

Total steps: 10,711, aerobic: 9600 in 84 minutes; 4.39 miles

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday: 13,110 / 11,333; 5.4 miles

Took off a bit early today, and that was GOOD, because I got pretty tired, and seemed to walk more slowly than usual on the way home, and it started to pour down rain as I got out of the shower! Gosh, it was sorta cold out, but sunny for part of my walk over the ridge and back.

Man, that shower felt good today!

Total steps: 13,110, aerobic 11,333 in 101 minutes; 5.37 miles.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday: 11,286 / 9996; 4.6 miles

Nice day to walk today, with a couple of drops of rain. Went to the site of the new library via the trail, then around the cemetery, and to the library, and home via the trail. I could see I was about 400 steps shy, so I walked down the road another 200 steps and came back. Unfortunately, I underestimated by FOUR STEPS! LOL!

I can feel my posture improving, every day. And my back is so much better! Not all there yet, but so much good stuff going on. :-)

Total steps: 11,286, aerobic: 9996; 4.63 miles

Week Five: 70,464 / 58,600; 28.9 miles

Wow! Even with a couple of sub-par days, the extra on the others sorta made up for it!

Total steps: 70,464; aerobic: 58,600; 28.89 miles.

Total steps -- week 1: 53,280, week 2: 82,108, week 3: 76,687, week 4: 64,701, week 5: 70,464.

Total aerobic steps -- week 1: 43,785, week 2: 72,160, week 3: 63,527, week 4: 55,669, week 5: 58,600.

Total mileage: -- week 1: 24.71, week 2: 33.65, week 3: 31.44, week 4: 26.52, week 5: 28.89.

Tuesday: 10,653 / 9241; 4.4 miles

Considering that Monday was a washout, I'm feeling good about today! I changed the blister bandage as Bob suggested -- thanks again, Bobby! -- and sure enough, it almost instantly felt better. No problems today, although I was a bit late, so only did 80 minutes rather than 90. Up to the library via the trail, around the cemetery, and then back up towards the new library, and then back home via the trail.

Total steps: 10,653, aerobic: 9241; 4.37 miles

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday, ARGH! 4614 / 2167; 1.9 miles

My damn blister! It was hurting so much it was making me cry, so rather than finish my walk to the library, I turned around and came home. Grrrrrr! Nice sunny day, too. Perfect for walking.

Total steps: 4614, aerobic: 2167 in 20 minutes; 1.89 miles

I hope to go to the grocery store later; perhaps that will pump up my total steps a tiny bit. I'll wear other shoes, of course.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday: 12,994 / 11,425; 5.3 miles

Gads, my walk today left me feeling sorta sick. I picked up a bit of grit at my left heel, and stopped and took off/shook out my shoe, but evidently I didn't get it, because now I have a popped blister. :(

That really slowed down the end of the walk -- I should have called Bob and had him come pick me up, but I didn't.

Total steps: 12,994, aerobic 11,425 in 101 minutes; 5.33 miles.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday: 12,401 / 10,998; 5.1 miles

Wooooo hoooo! I felt like an athlete out there today, at least until I hit the wall. I think I'll up my spirulina to a teaspoonful and a half, and see if I can keep that feeling going all the way! Fortunately my blood sugar didn't run out until I was down the final hill coming off the ridge. I forgot my water AND my emergency sugar (a roll of life-savers). Just about then the balls of my feet starting hurting too. :(

But it was GREAT until then! My stride seemed longer, and it just felt GOOD to be out there walking, even up the hills, which didn't seem very high today at all!

Total steps: 12,401, aerobic: 10,998 in 96 minutes; 5.08 miles

Friday: 12,800 / 11,497; 5.2 miles

I'm back, baby! Started late on a rainy day, but there was mostly a break in the rain. Went up and over the ridge to the bottom of the hill, and back. Still not walking without pain and effort, but oh, well. Walked mostly on the pavement, and that was easier than my usual, and not as hard on my feet as I had feared. Hard on the ball of the foot, though.

Total steps: 12,800, aerobic: 11,497; 5.25 miles

Thursday: 7863 / 6786; 3.2 miles

Foul day, and not feeling up to snuff yet either. Left late, went to the library and back.

Total steps: 7863, aerobic: 6786; 3.22 miles

Wednesday: 9139 / 6486; 3.7 miles

Down day, but I went out anyway. To the library and back, I think.

Total steps: 9139, aerobic: 6486; 3.75 miles

First 4 weeks

After 4 weeks, I've lost 4 or 5 pounds, fit into pants I haven't fit into for years, and walked at total of 276,776 steps. Of those, 235,141 steps were aerobic, for a total of 116.32 miles walked. That really is incredible!

Over the long run, if I can walk about 120 miles ever four weeks, I think I will be a happy old lady some day!

Week 4: 64,701 / 55,669; 26.5 miles

So -- one sick day, and two sub-par days. And yet -- most of those steps, ALL of the aerobic steps, and most of that mileage wouldn't have happened, otherwise. So, good week in spite of the challenges.

Total steps for the week: 64,701, aerobic: 55,669; 26.52 miles.

Total steps -- week 1: 53,280, week 2: 82,108, week 3: 76,687, week 4: 64,701.

Total aerobic steps -- week 1: 43,785, week 2: 72,160, week 3: 63,527, week 4: 55,669.

Total mileage: -- week 1: 24.71, week 2: 33.65, week 3: 31.44, week 4: 26.52.

Tuesday: sick - 904 / 0; .4 miles

Good lord, I'm behind! Trying to keep these in order, I'll have to do it all in reverse order. :(

I felt awful on Tuesday, and slept rather than walked.

Total steps: 904, aerobic: 0; .37 miles.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tired Monday: 10,132 / 8689; 4.2 miles

Not only tired and reluctant, but it started raining on me as I came home! So to the library and back via the cemetery and trail, but nothing more than that.

Total steps: 10,132; aerobic 8689; 4.15 miles.

Gonna start drinking spirulina again tomorrow, and see if that helps. This being tired bit is getting old, old, old!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday; 11,189 / 10,727; 4.6 miles

Did the ridge both ways again, and walked a bit farther than yesterday.

Total steps: 11,189, aerobic: 10,727 in 99 minutes; 4.59 miles.

Saturday: 10,901 / 10,185; 4.5 miles

Decided to do the ridge in both directions rather than walking along the road. MUCH better, but more hills. Which is better, but slower.

Total steps: 10,901, aerobic, 10,185; 4.47 miles.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday: 11,096 / 9947; 4.5 miles

Tired and sad when I set off, so I didn't actually care that I came in under but oh so close to 10K, LOL! Almost made it, and that was good enough for today. I walked to the school through the woods, and then on the road up to the beginning of the Ridge road. I think next time I walk the ridge, I'll walk from the school over the ridge and back. That should get me just over 10K steps, AND get all that nice hill walking. It's harder, but better, I think. Feet are somewhat better today, but everything is still sore, every day. So I've gotta be doing some muscle-building. :-)

Total steps: 11,096, aerobic 9947 in 90 minutes; 4.55 miles.

Thursday: 10,351 / 8511; 4.2 miles

Didn't start quite early enough, so had to cut it short today, and get ready for Ron's surprise party at the Herbfarm. My feet hurt less than yesterday, so perhaps the cure is in sight. Hopefully back to the full 10K tomorrow after the chat. Walked the same route as yesterday.

Total steps: 10,351, aerobic: 8511; miles: 4.24

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday: 10,129 / 8610; 4.2 miles

'Twas a nice day today, and I walked early, which I like. To the library via the trail, around the cemetery, and back home via the trail. I decided to skip the leg to the school and back because my damned left foot was sore again by then. Maybe tomorrow I'll try the left foot without my insert and see how that goes. I couldn't see limping to PFLAG!

Total steps: 10,129, aerobic 8610; 4.15 miles.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Week 3: 76,687 / 63,527; 31.44 miles

So. Three weeks in, and my resolve is still strong. I think I may be losing some weight, definitely losing some inches, but I'm not getting the extra energy I want to make up for the 90 minutes a day I'm doing this! Plus, my time is not improving. On the other hand, I'm breaking myself into new shoes, my back is hurting less, and I'm becoming known around town as a walker. Also, I skipped a day walking, but went right back to it the next day. So I'm not a quitter.

Total steps -- week 1: 53,280, week 2: 82,108, week 3: 76,687.

Total aerobic steps -- week 1: 43,785, week 2: 72,160, week 3: 63,527.

Total mileage: -- week 1: 24.71, week 2: 33.65, week 3: 31.44.

Tuesday: 12,687 / 11,484; 5.2 miles

Another difficult day, but at least the weather was more on my side. Rather cold, but no wind or rain. Walked to the library via the trail, and then around the cemetery, back to the trail, and then to the school and back. So tired and slow...... but I made it.

Total steps 12,687; aerobic 11,484 in 104 mins; 5.20 miles.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday: 11,772 / 10,265; 4.8 miles

Weather was *dreadful,* windy, cold and wet. But I happened to choose 90 minutes without rain, thank goodness. Walked up to the Post Office and home, with a stop by the library on the way to drop off a DVD, and on the way back to use the bathroom and drink some water. Just made it, but I DID make it.

Total steps: 11772, aerobic: 10,265 in 92 minutes; 4.83 miles. I thought it was 5 miles even according to the Subaru speedometer, but whatever!

Sunday: 10,892 / 9779; 4.46

Yeah, I didn't make 10,000 aerobic. I was tired, and my feet hurt, and I didn't care. Walked past the school up to the ridge, and back that way. Discovered a large blister where the little one used to be on my little toe. :(

Total steps 10,892, aerobic steps 9779; total miles 4.46

Shoes still breaking me in, but *my back isn't sore!*

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tired Saturday: 11,563 / 10,134; 4.7 miles

Usually you break in new shoes; I felt like I was breaking myself into them today! But I'm proud of myself for walking even though I was tired and reluctant to go. Yay me! Left right after two bursts of hail! The sun came out, though, so it seems like March came in like a lion AND a lamb.

Total steps: 11,426, total aerobic steps 10,134 in 89 minutes; 4.74 miles.

Friday -- off day: 3737 / 0; 1.5 miles

Yesterday started well, with a workshop Barb & I were invited to, to help Odyssey High School (in Tyee High School, next to the airport in SeaTac) become a safe place for GLBT kids. We had only an hour, but that time was used very well by the teacher/facilitator. Then Barb and I had a wonderful long lunch at Claim Jumper. I stopped by Silver Platters and picked up a couple of CDs, then gave a pint of blood, and met Bob at Green Earth. We went up to Jocks and Jill's on Green Lake and both got new running shoes. I got Sauconys and they do feel great! By the time we ate dinner and got home though, it was dark, cold, windy and pouring rain, so no walk for me yesterday. :(

Total steps 3737, aerobic steps 0; 1.53 miles.